perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2012

On the Table

Our grandson spent his autumn holidays with us. We played old games, wrote stories, built castles, crocheted ( a very long red worm ) and burned lots of candles.
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tiistai 9. lokakuuta 2012

Medieval Fair

M is for medieval, Middle Ages, magic and music
 Häme Medieval Fair is the second biggest medieval festival in Finland.
There you can enjoy culture and lifestyle from the Middle Ages: music, horse tournaments and combat acts, craftsmen, magicians, merchants etc. Plenty of program for the whole family.

ABC Wednesday

perjantai 5. lokakuuta 2012


One October morning and
Lake Visuvesi 
Happy weekend to all visitors!

tiistai 2. lokakuuta 2012

Πρώτο ταξίδι στην Ελλάδα

Our first LOVE  Σαντορίνη  1991

   and it all started here

although our son got ear infection and fever
and we had to go to the hospital to get medicine.

And because he had to lie in bed for most of the holiday
and watch the lamp hanging from the ceiling
I promised him that we will came back next year - and so we did.

....and then year after year...