torstai 20. syyskuuta 2012

I like..

My daughter's new samoyed poppy, Muru ( Sweetie ).

Our old samoyeds are in dogs' heaven  and
we are so happy when Muru comes to visit us -
but just for a few days :)
Kuutti was our first samoyed

Then came Nessi
A year after came Nyytti and Fame.

When our children were young and still at home, we had four samoyeds.
We also had a sleigh for the dogs. The children were sitting on the sleigh and the dogs pulled.
They were great with children and gentle with even the youngest children. But they were really  poor guard dogs.

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  1. What a lovely dog!!I had a dog,Bummer,he was like Lassie dog!When he left us i was crying for months!I always remember him!Wish you a great weekend my friend!Thanks for your comment!